Optimize logistics processes with B+R palletizing systems

Our palletizing systems facilitate the effective and economical handling of cartons, sacks, packages, bags, shrink packs and trays with or without lids in the final packaging line.

We develop individual automation solutions for your company in the form of fully automatic palletizing systems that optimally complement your logistics processes and, among other things, noticeably increase the efficiency of production.

Increase efficiency

Our individual palletizing systems meet your specific needs, increase the efficiency of your logistics processes and boost the profitability of your entire company.

Reduce costs

Stable loading, efficient stacking and low maintenance: our palletizers guarantee convincing added value for your logistics process and thus make a decisive contribution to reducing costs.

Automation through palletizing systems

Also part of our solutions are high-quality palletizing machines, which perfectly complement automation systems in the logistics chain and can be effectively expanded with additional functionalities. Euro pallets, as well as other pallet formats, can be palletized with a wide variety of layer patterns for palletized goods stabilization. In addition to the so-called layer palletizers, high-performance robot palletizing systems are also individually designed and offered. Robots of all well-known manufacturers are used. The B+R palletizers are characterized by their high performance, reliability, robustness and durability – even in rough operation.

In addition, we can also realize the conveyor technology before and after the palletizer as well as the automatic pallet feeding into the palletizer. We also cover subsequent operations, such as filming and strapping of the stacked pallets!

Thanks to the modular design of our palletizing systems, we can even meet specific customer requirements. Tell us your needs – we look forward to developing an individual solution for your application.

Quality improvement

Robots that take over routine processes minimize the error rate, while at the same time reducing time and material wastage and ensuring the highest quality in production.

Cost reduction

Automation guarantees your company ideal process chains, minimal error rates, lowered personnel costs, and minimal loss of material and time, thus reducing costs in the long term!

Efficiency increase

Analyses, strong optimizations of process chains and production sequences can guarantee an efficient, highly economical production with excellent quality.

Safe manufacturing

No matter how experienced, concentrated and adept: With humans, mistakes are bound to happen from time to time. Depending on the article, this scrap can quickly become expensive. With automated machines, we ensure consistent quality and the lowest error rates.

Higher consistency

It’s not just in terms of precision that machines outperform humans. Using our automation solutions, even the quality of the manufactured items remains at a constant level, allowing for better costing and planning.


Automation solutions can improve compliance and at the same time make business growth more scalable. On the basis of constant analyses, new optimization potentials can be continuously developed and implemented.

Fast & effective palletizing

With our palletizing systems, you can palletize quickly & effectively and decisively expand your automation system – an important step on the
way to the modern industrial company.

Because: Goods and merchandise must first be properly packaged and palletized before they finally reach the customer. We will be happy to support you in this.

Powerful & reliable palletizers

The B+R GmbH covers by the simple operation
of the layer palletizer and the possibility to create a
and the possibility to create a multitude of layer images on the pallet.
pallet covers a very wide range of applications
so that the goods reach the customer safely and well.

The B+R palletizers are characterized – in addition to their modular design – by high
performance, reliability, robustness and durability – even in rough operation.

Automate logistics.
Profit in the long term!

The use of palletizing robots can reliably reduce
reliably reduce costs, achieve a consistently
high product quality and significantly improve the working conditions of the employees.

With the use of palletizing robots, maximum flexibility is achieved in the final packaging line.
achieved. The changeover from article to article variant
is possible within a very short time. The B+R
GmbH offers its customers solutions from one
from conception to implementation.

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at +49 2244 91830 for your questions.

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Contact directly by phone.

Our colleagues will be happy to assist you
at +49 2244 91830 for your questions.

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