Automate plastics technology. Profit in the long term.

The automation of plastics processing is one of our core competencies. It pays to draw on our experience and benefit from numerous advantages.

This includes blow molding processes as well as machining processes such as milling, drilling, welding, leak testing, assembling, laser marking, riveting, etc. of plastic blow molds or plastic components of any size.

Increase efficiency

With our automation solutions for plastics technology, companies can noticeably increase the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality of their own production within a short time and thus become more successful.

Reduce costs

Significant cost reductions can be achieved with our automation solutions for plastics technology. Less material wear, reduced personnel costs and a higher production rate are just a few of the factors.

Automate plastics processing.
Increase profitability.

We are your expert in the entire field of automated plastics processing: from automated removal of articles from blow molds and injection molds, to further handling, to machining of the parts.

To set up automation in the field of plastics processing, we first break down the seemingly complex processes, as well as machining, into their individual components, in order to be able to view them clearly and to create a view for the details. This allows us to develop capable and efficient processes, which we finally automate and thus immensely increase the efficiency in the production processes of the respective customer.

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Quality improvement

Robots that take over routine processes minimize the error rate, while at the same time reducing time and material wastage and ensuring the highest quality in production.

Cost reduction

Automation guarantees your company ideal process chains, minimal error rates, reduced personnel costs, as well as minimal material and time loss, thus reducing costs in the long term!

Efficiency increase

Analyses, strong optimizations of process chains and production sequences can guarantee an efficient, highly economical production with excellent quality.

Safe manufacturing

No matter how experienced, concentrated and adept: With humans, mistakes are bound to happen from time to time. Depending on the article, this scrap can quickly become expensive. With automated machines, we ensure consistent quality and the lowest error rates.

Higher consistency

It’s not just in terms of precision that machines outperform humans. Using our automation solutions, even the quality of the manufactured items remains at a constant level, allowing for better costing and planning.


Automation solutions can improve compliance and at the same time make business growth more scalable. On the basis of constant analyses, new optimization potentials can be continuously developed and implemented.

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Our colleagues will be happy to assist you
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